Welcome to Click2Answer

Click2Answer is an email survey system that lets you easily create and send email surveys and email questionnaires using a simple link in an ordinary email message. The recipient of your email message simply clicks on the embedded link and is taken to the hosted online survey on our website.

Responses are automatically organized into a table with each row showing the participants name and answer to your question.


Best of all, Click2Answer is a free online survey system that requires no registration.

How does it work?

  1. Construct a questionnaire in a single step by filling out the form on this page.

  2. Click Create Questionnaire. This generates a link to a response page on our webserver.

  3. Email this link to everyone you would like to respond to your question.

  4. View the responses by clicking on the link yourself.


If you enter your email, you will be notified each time someone responds.

You can allow your participants to see all the rersponses and even enter their email address to be notified of new responses.

You may create multiple question questionnaires by clicking the "add" link after your questionnaire link is generated.

You can modify your questionnaire at any time as long as you do it from the same computer. Participants can also modify their responses from their computers only.


Trying to arrange a meeting, but can't agree on a time? Try a questionnaire like this:


Trying to organize a fundraiser and need to find out who can do what? Try a question like this:


Trying to get a department to agree on options for a new software package? Try a question like this:



Click2Answer.com is a free service of ZipMeeting, Inc. and you do not need an account to use it. Email addresses are used solely for questionnaire response notification. For more information about us, to report a bug, or make a suggestion, please email us.

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